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Henry Company’s BES Sealant is Now Available in Sausages

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Aug. 3, 2010 — In addition to 10.3-fluid ounce cartridges, Henry® Company HE925 BES Sealant for Building Envelope Systems® is now available packaged in 20-fluid ounce sausages, providing installers with greater economy and convenience. 

Developed as a fully compatible sealant for other Building Envelope Systems® components, HE925 BES Sealant is used as a termination sealant for Blueskin® barrier membranes; as an external joint sealant for Henry/Bakor air barrier, waterproofing and roofing systems; and as an alternative to silicone and moisture-cure urethanes in the aforementioned construction applications that include aluminum, galvanized metal, glass, wood, stone, concrete and masonry, stucco, exterior gypsum board, and exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS).  It also seals wall and window penetrations.

Henry® Company HE925 BES Sealant is a premium, moisture-cure, medium-modulus sealant for construction joints up to one inch (25mm) wide that are subject to dynamic joint movement.  Made with silyl-terminated polyether (STPe) polymer, it is flexible, resistant to weathering, free of solvents and environmentally sustainable, and offers low odor and very low volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as being compliant with ASTM C 719, plus/minus 25 percent.

Available in black, grey, white and limestone, Henry® Company HE925 BES Sealant cures to a non-yellowing seal that can be painted with latex-based paints.  There are 12 sausages to each case. 

For additional Information regarding Henry® Products or Services, please contact Henry® Customer Service at 1-800-486-1278.

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