Metal Clad®

Self-Adhered weather barrier membrane

Metal Clad<sup>®</sup>

Metal Clad®

Self-Adhesive weather barrier membrane

Henry® Metal Clad® is a self-adhesive composite membrane of rubberized asphalt and dual-layers of high strength polyethylene with surface layer of metallic aluminum film. Supplied in various width rolls with removable release film, this self-adhered waterproofing and air barrier product exhibits excellent weathering resistance due to metallic surfacing as well as high adhesion to various substrates including: building penetrations, window openings, transitions, and roof surfaces. Commonly used in Building Envelope System® air barrier transition in conjunction with Air-Bloc® or Blueskin® membranes. Priming is required for maximum adhesion.

Metal Clad is integrally laminated to a glass scrim reinforced aluminum foil. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate, providing a weather barrier.


  • Aluminum surfacing offers ideal substrate for adhesion of construction sealants
  • UV and weather resistance due to metallic aluminum surfacing
  • Excellent adhesion to primed surfaces
  • Compatible with other Henry BES components
  • Flexible for ease of penetration detailing
  • 100% solids - No VOC's

Packaging options

  • Thickness - 45 mils
  • Roll length - 33.5 ft. roll
  • Roll width - 4", 6", 9", 12", 18" and 36"

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  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Metal Clad® Data Sheet Click to download  

    Metal Clad® SDS Sheet Click to download  

    Metal Clad® Health Product Declaration Click to download  

  • Tech-Talks

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  • Architectural Details

    MTCLD-TID3A Metal Clad transition with Pumadeq System pdf cad

    MTLCLD-1A Wall Foundation Slab Below Grade pdf cad

    MTLCLD-1B Wall Foundation Slab on Grade pdf cad

    MTLCLD-1C Wall Foundation Transition No Brick Ledge pdf cad

    MTLCLD-2A Pipe Penetration 0.5 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-2B Pipe Penetration 0.75 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-3A Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    MTLCLD-3B Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    MTLCLD-4A Substrate Transition pdf cad

    MTLCLD-4B Substrate Transition pdf cad

    MTLCLD-5A Thru-Wall Flashing pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A1-A Flanged Window Section Method A1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A1-B Flanged Window Window Sequence Installation Method A1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A-A Flanged Window Section Method A pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A-B Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B1-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B1-B Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B-B Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6C Door Frame Section pdf cad

    MTLCLD-7A Reverse-Lap pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8A Construction Joints 0.5-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8B Construction Joints 1-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8C Construction Joints 2-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8D Deflection Joint pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8E Cracks 0.5-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-9A Roofing Wrapping Parapet pdf cad

    MTLCLD-9B Air Barrier Transition at Parapet pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    Metal Clad LEED Declarations Click to download

  • Health Product Declarations

    Metal Clad Health Product Declaration Click to download