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Sprayable, quick cure, permanent UV resistance.
Henry® Air-Bloc® All Weather STPE has it all.

Henry Company recently introduced Henry Air-Bloc All Weather STPE, a new fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier. John Dobson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, R&D, at Henry answered some customer questions to provide insight on why this innovative membrane was developed―and how it’s a game-changer:

What is the new Henry Air-Bloc All Weather STPE, and how will it address the needs of Henry customers?

The Henry commercial air barrier portfolio is considered best-in-class and a market leader because we’ve always listened carefully to our customers and offered solutions that bring great results for commercial projects of all types. We saw the opportunity to develop a quick-cure membrane that could accelerate project schedules, and Henry Air-Bloc All Weather STPE is the result.

This is a very versatile formulation―it’s easily sprayed or rolled on, its high solids content provides phenomenal coverage, and it cures and delivers rain-readiness within 30 minutes. Plus, it features ultra-low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so it is environmentally friendly. In fact, Air-Bloc All Weather STPE provides three times the coverage rate―and allows twice the average UV exposure―compared to water-based alternatives.

How does Air-Bloc All Weather STPE enhance the Henry air barrier portfolio?

We feel it’s our mission to offer durable, high-performing air barriers. With our customers’ project delivery deadlines growing tighter all the time, we continue to innovate to provide a simple but complete line of fluid applied air barriers that will suit any commercial project.

With Air-Bloc All Weather STPE, architects can confidently specify―and installers efficiently apply―a superior fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier. It allows the contractor more flexibility to move forward despite unpredictable weather conditions, and to stay on-time and on budget.

What does it mean when you say this product is “rain ready”?

Quite simply, within 30 minutes, this very effective moisture cure technology is ready to withstand rain showers without washing off.

And what do you mean by UV- and fire-resistant, John?

In response to our customers’ requirements, we’ve developed Air-Bloc All Weather STPE to allow best-in-class UV exposure: it can be left exposed for up to 12 months during construction. Its color―black―is the best choice for UV resistance, and it can be used exposed under open-joint cladding.

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE is also Class A fire rated in ASTM E84, and complies with NFPA285 in various wall assemblies. It meets IBC 2015 – 1403.5 exception #2 for air barriers.

How does the installer know when the product is cured? What’s the finished appearance and texture?

Again, the high solids content in this formulation assures a quick and dependable cure. The installer will find that Air-Bloc All Weather STPE is dry to the touch significantly faster than many other fluid applied air barriers; then, it continues to cure as it interacts with water vapor in the air. The fully cured STPE membrane feels like a solid, rubbery sheet.

So, how does a moisture cured air barrier compare to a water-borne air barrier?

Our moisture cure air barrier contains significantly higher solids that alternative water-borne air barriers. Higher solids lead to greater coverage, lower VOCs. Moisture cure air barriers are fundamentally different in their curing mechanisms than water-borne alternatives. The biggest difference comes in the curing process and curing time. A water-borne air barrier physically dries to form the barrier membrane by evaporation of water. The moisture cure STPE does not dry but, rather, chemically cures to form the barrier membrane.

John, are any new system accessories or components needed to support the Air-Bloc All Weather STPE membrane?

Henry delivers Building Confidence to its customers by assuring that anything you choose from our existing portfolio of tried-and-true, recommended Henry flashing, sealing or joint treatments is compatible with this product. This recommended list includes any of these popular, well-established Henry system components:

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