Advantages of self-adhered vapor permeable air barriers

Self-adhered vapor permeable air barriers provide many advantages. Unlike fluid-applied air barriers, self adhered vapor permeable air barriers offer factory-controlled thickness, eliminating the possibility of installing too much or too little product. Also, self adhered vapor permeable air barriers require no mixing or special installation equipment. Additionally, they can easily bridge gaps and offer quick and easy installation.

When you choose Henry, you are choosing over 30 years of proven performance when it comes to self-adhered air barrier systems. Henry Blueskin SA and Blueskin VP160 self-adhered air barriers create a continuous membrane upon installation. Blueskin-brand self-adhered air barriers are available in vapor impermeable and vapor permeable options, and come in a variety of roll widths. Additionally, they are compliant in various NFPA 285 assemblies.

Henry Blueskin VP160 Self-Adhered Vapor Permeable Air Barrier
Henry Blueskin VP160 is a self-adhered vapor permeable air barrier membrane consisting of an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film. It fully adheres to the wall substrate in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment.

Blueskin VP160 self-adhered vapor permeable air barrier meets the highest industry standards for commercial air barriers. It sheds water while allowing vapor to pass through, giving walls the ability to drain and allowing substrates to dry. Additionally, the fact that it is completely self-adhered leads to a continuous plane of air-tightness, helping to improve building thermal performance and eliminating water migration.

Choosing the right air barrier for your project
There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right self-adhered vapor permeable air barrier, self adhered impermeable air barrier or a fluid applied air barrier. Here are some things you should consider:

Understand the climate zone of your project – You must first determine the climate zone in which the air barrier system will need to function, as each zone poses unique challenges.

Consider wall assembly design – There are a variety of air barrier products on the market designed to enhance indoor comfort and climate. Therefore, you need to factor wall assembly design into your decision. Important aspects of wall assembly design to consider include building performance requirements, the substrate to which the air barrier will be applied, the location of the insulation, any complex geometries and rough surfaces that are present, and whether it is compliant in various NFPA 285 assemblies. You also want to be sure that whatever membrane you select will help avoid condensation in the wall assembly.

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