Henry® 196 Polyester Fabric

A stitch-bonded, high performance fabric

Henry<sup>®</sup> 196 Polyester Fabric

Henry® 196 Polyester Fabric

Polyester Fabric is a stitch-bonded, high performance fabric for use in cold applied built-up roofing and roof maintenance systems using either water-based asphalt or acrylic emulsions, or solvent type coatings or mastics. It will readily conform to irregular surfaces and standing seam metal roof decks, and is much easier to handle and apply than other soft polyester sheets. Henry® 196 Polyester Fabric is white to off white with lay lines for one and two ply roof systems.


  • Contains firm-finish polyester
  • Conforms readily to irregular surfaces and standing seam metal roof decks

Sizes available

  • 40 in. x 324 ft. (net 10 squares)

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