modifiedPLUS® NP180gT4

Used as the top ply in a two-ply roofing system

modifiedPLUS<sup>®</sup> NP180gT4

modifiedPLUS® NP180gT4

modifiedPLUS® NP180 Cap Sheets is used as the top ply in a two-ply roofing system and as a flashing membrane for modified bitumen roofing, conventional built-up roofing and as a maintenance repair material.

  • NP180gM has a sanded lower surface for mopping or cold adhering to substrate
  • NP180gT4 has a thermofusible poly lower surface for torching to substrate


  • Designed for application in new construction, re-roofing and retrofit roofing
  • Factory applied surface granules to enhance ultra-violet resistance and surface durability
  • Proprietary 180g/m2 reinforcement provides increased flexibility
  • SBS polymer provides flow resistance at high temperatures and flexibility at low temperatures for lasting durability
  • Excellent tear resistance

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