Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Systems Engineered for Speed

When projects demand quick-curing, durable waterproofing protection, Henry has a fluid-applied solution engineered to meet your need for speed.

Satisfying The Need for Speed with Quick and Agile Solutions

When versatility and ease are top priorities for waterproofing projects, Henry Fluid-Applied Membranes are top picks for both design professionals and contractors. Our 100% monolithic solutions conform seamlessly to challenging designs, offering architects creative freedom without compromising performance.

Contractors appreciate the ease and speed of applying Henry Fluid-Applied Membranes. With application options like spraying or rolling, our fast-curing membranes offer a uniform coating that eliminates the need for complex cutting or fitting, saving time, effort, and labor costs.

Satisfying The Need for Speed with Quick and Agile Solutions

Ideal for many projects

  • Balconies and Terraces
  • Foundations and Basements
  • Podium Decks and Roofs
  • Parking Decks and Garages
  • Planter Boxes and Green Roofs
  • Tunnels and Below-Grade Structures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pedestrian Decks and Walkways
Ideal for many projects

Trusted Expertise. Total Assurance.

Trust Henry's Fluid-Applied Waterproofing solutions to protect your structures, extend their lifespan, and uphold the integrity of the building envelope. With over 50 years of unparalleled excellence and innovation, our team provides expert guidance from initial design to project completion. Whether you need design recommendations, assistance with construction challenges, post-installation support or industry-leading training, we are here to help. Contact one of our trusted advisors today to experience the reliability and performance that sets Henry apart.

Trusted Expertise. Total Assurance.

The Henry® Prodeq™ System is a high performance, instant setting, spray-applied waterproofing membrane that speeds project schedules and reduces labor costs.

The Prodeq System has a long track record of success when used on plaza decks, roofs, split slabs, and terraces, as well as water containment and UV exposed systems. The seamless membrane is perfect for complex building designs and requires no welds, laps, termination bars or surface flashings.

When installed as part of a green roof system, the Prodeq System is faster than other systems since it requires no protection board or root barrier. As a plaza deck system, the Prodeq System offers a variety of overburden options for greater design and budget flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance, quick-cure membrane withstands job site traffic almost immediately, reducing costly repairs.
  • Fast installation time reduces material and labor costs
  • Environmentally friendly, zero VOCs, no odor

Henry Total Quality Service installation support is available on all Prodeq System installations in the US.

The Henry® Pumadeq™ System is a fast-curing, cold-applied waterproofing membrane that requires no special installation equipment. Its PUMA-based technology combines methyl methacrylates with polyurethanes for exceptional long-term performance and durability. Henry Pumadeq is an excellent choice when waterproofing plaza decks, protected membrane roofs, green roofs, and pedestrian and vehicular traffic coating applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Withstands constant UV exposure
  • Tolerates traffic one hour after installation allowing accelerated project scheduling
  • Outstanding low-temperature crack bridging requires no reinforcement
  • Cure time unaffected by low temperature applications
  • No detailing limitations such as laps, welds, seams, surface flashings or termination bars
  • Withstands constant water immersion and can be laid to zero pitch
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent-free, no VOCs

The Henry® Dundeq System is a seamless, fully-adhered, durable waterproofing system for vehicular and pedestrian traffic surfaces. This easy-to-apply, cost-effective traffic coating solution is enhanced with an abrasion- and slip-resistant surface, ensuring pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Installed for over 20 years in high-traffic, heavy-duty parking deck applications, the Henry Dundeq System is a two-component system that is a significant improvement over single-component systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation requires no special tools
  • Modular system allows customized protection and reduces cost
  • Low temperature and green concrete application can help accelerate project scheduling
  • Environmentally friendly, No VOCs
  • Industry leading warranty of up to 10-years (depending on system components)

Henry® CM100 is a cold fluid-applied, single-component, elastomeric waterproofing membrane ideal for a variety of foundation applications. With Henry CM100, you no longer have to wait several days for concrete to dry before applying a waterproofing membrane. It cures by reacting with atmospheric and surface moisture to provide a seamless and impervious waterproofing membrane.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be applied to green concrete 24 hours after forms are removed
  • Typical cure time is three hours, allowing application of multiple coats in a single day (subject to weather conditions)
  • Solvent-free, low odor and non-flammable for safe installation in confined spaces
  • High solids content retains applied thickness with no shrinkage
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal applications, including difficult-to-access areas

The Aqua-Bloc® System elastomeric membranes are available in three formulations to meet a range of site-specific conditions:

  • Aqua-Bloc WB is a water-based, low-odor and low-VOC emulsified asphalt membrane that is ideal for waterproofing damp or green ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). It is a solvent-based, single component membrane that is used to repair damaged rubberized membranes.
  • Aqua-Bloc SB is a solvent-based, single component membrane that is used to repair damaged rubberized membranes.
  • Aqua-Bloc 2P is a two-part, 100% solids, self-leveling liquid membrane designed to repair, level and waterproof rough and uneven concrete surfaces. Aqua-Bloc 2P cures to a smooth, rubber-like membrane and can act as a stand-alone waterproofing membrane.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless elastomeric membranes retain flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Easy to install – no special equipment, heat or flame required
  • Excellent adhesion to a range of horizontal and vertical surfaces

Henry® 790-11 hot rubberized, fluid asphalt provides a monolithic, fully bonded roofing and waterproofing membrane. 790-11 is an excellent choice when waterproofing both intensive and extensive vegetative roofing assemblies.

Henry’s 790-11 is composed of a specially selected blend of refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and mineral stabilizers. It is modified with additives to promote adhesion and improve low temperature flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless application provides monolithic (joint free) waterproofing
  • Suitable for installation onto non-sloped horizontal substrates
  • Can be applied at below-freezing temperatures
  • 100% solids provides immediate cure on cooling
  • Fully adhered (no lateral water migration)
  • Remains fully elastomeric through hot and cold cycles
Fluid-applied waterproofing solutions by application type

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