Advanced waterproofing solutions with a PUMA System

Learning unit(s): 1 LU/HSW
Provider number: J557
Program number: PUMADEQ
Duration: One-hour

Course description

This presentation will describe overcoming waterproofing challenges by utilizing a liquid-applied PUMA system. PUMA is a cold fluid-applied waterproofing system with quick-curing technology providing long-term stability, permanent UV exposure resistance to impact, scratches, punctures and slip resistance. PUMA technical advances allow for waterproofing certainty where sheet-applied membranes are difficult to install due to complex design and construction requirements. Through this step-by-step presentation, you will understand how PUMA may solve common installation obstacles and how to properly specify/install a PUMA system to suit project specific needs.

Enjoy an engaged discussion, find out which system is right for your project, and ask project specific questions in the comfort of your office!

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the technology evolution of PUMA
  • Identify PUMA system components and technical characteristics
  • Review design and installation considerations when selecting and installing PUMA
  • Overcoming common waterproofing challenges with PUMA
  • Step-by-step installation requirements

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