Post-Applied Waterproofing Systems

Henry offers a complete portfolio of post-applied waterproofing systems engineered for various application scenarios.

The Blueskin WP200 self-adhered waterproofing membrane provides a high-performance waterproofing barrier for post applied construction. Blueskin WP200 fully adheres to the substrate and eliminates water migration between the membrane and the waterproofed surface.

Blueskin WP200 has excellent elongation properties for waterproofing coverage on a variety of substrates (concrete, masonry and wood) and can resist hydrostatic head pressures of up to 231 feet.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install – no special equipment, heat or flame required
  • No curing time required – membrane can be backfilled immediately
  • Unique side-lap feature offers superior water-tightness
  • Flexible SBS rubberized asphalt membrane offers excellent cold weather application
  • No VOC and low odor

Henry® CM100 is a cold fluid-applied, single-component, elastomeric waterproofing membrane ideal for a variety of foundation applications. With Henry CM100, you no longer have to wait several days for concrete to dry before applying a waterproofing membrane. It cures by reacting with atmospheric and surface moisture to provide a seamless and impervious waterproofing membrane.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be applied to green concrete 24 hours after forms are removed
  • Typical cure time is three hours, allowing application of multiple coats in a single day (subject to weather conditions)
  • Solvent-free, low odor and non-flammable for safe installation in confined spaces
  • High solids content retains applied thickness with no shrinkage
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal applications, including difficult-to-access areas

The Aqua-Bloc® System elastomeric membranes are available in three formulations to meet a range of site-specific conditions:

  • Aqua-Bloc WB is a water-based, low-odor and low-VOC emulsified asphalt membrane that is ideal for waterproofing damp or green ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). It is a solvent-based, single component membrane that is used to repair damaged rubberized membranes.
  • Aqua-Bloc SB is a solvent-based, single component membrane that is used to repair damaged rubberized membranes.
  • Aqua-Bloc 2P is a two-part, 100% solids, self-leveling liquid membrane designed to repair, level and waterproof rough and uneven concrete surfaces. Aqua-Bloc 2P cures to a smooth, rubber-like membrane and can act as a stand-alone waterproofing membrane.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless elastomeric membranes retain flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Easy to install – no special equipment, heat or flame required
  • Excellent adhesion to a range of horizontal and vertical surfaces

Henry® 790-11 hot rubberized, fluid asphalt provides a monolithic, fully bonded roofing and waterproofing membrane. 790-11 is an excellent choice when waterproofing both intensive and extensive vegetative roofing assemblies.

Henry’s 790-11 is composed of a specially selected blend of refined asphalts, synthetic rubber and mineral stabilizers. It is modified with additives to promote adhesion and improve low temperature flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless application provides monolithic (joint free) waterproofing
  • Suitable for installation onto non-sloped horizontal substrates
  • Can be applied at below-freezing temperatures
  • 100% solids provides immediate cure on cooling
  • Fully adhered (no lateral water migration)
  • Remains fully elastomeric through hot and cold cycles

Improving waterproofing performance

As a key part of all Henry foundation waterproofing systems, Henry Drain Board is a cost-effective drainage composite that helps improve the flow of water away from the foundation.

Featuring a polystyrene or polypropylene core combined with a polypropylene fabric, Henry Drain Board is available in a range of compressive strength and flow rate options to meet every waterproofing application demand.

Improving waterproofing performance

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