Henry<sup>®</sup> Air-Bloc<sup>®</sup> All Weather STPE<sup>™</sup> air barrier contributes to labor and product savings

Henry® Air-Bloc® All Weather STPE air barrier contributes to labor and product savings

The Situation

High Point University (High Point, NC) was in the process of undergoing a strategic growth initiative on campus, which included the construction of the Nido and Mariana Qubein Arena, Conference Center and Hotel. The air barrier system specified on the project originally called for Henry Air-Bloc 17MR Vapor Permeable Air Barrier. Just before installing Air-Bloc 17MR, it was discovered that more than 5,000 sq. ft. of sheathing joints had inadvertently been treated using a silicone joint sealer. This presented a unique challenge for the air barrier contractor because of compatibly issues with silicone. This left the air barrier contractor with two options: remove the sheathing and reinstall with a compatible joint sealer, or apply an air barrier system that was compatible with the silicone joint treatment already used.

The Solution

After consultation with the Henry representative supporting the field installation, a new Air-Bloc system solution was selected – the air barrier contractor chose the new Henry Air-Bloc All Weather STPE fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier. Air-Bloc All Weather STPE – a single-component, moisture cure Silyl Terminated Polyether (STPE) waterresistive air barrier membrane – offered a solution that was compatible with the silicone joint sealer used. It was also compatible with Henry Blueskin® SA, the flashing used on the job. Switching to Air-Bloc All Weather STPE enabled the construction crew to keep the project on schedule as well as save money in the long run.

The Results

As a result of its ability to work well with other silicone products, Air-Bloc All Weather STPE saved the air barrier contractor from replacing all of the sheathing. The Henry representative was able to serve as a trusted advisor to the challenge presented, allowing the contractor to continue installing the air barrier with confidence knowing that the Henry solution would keep the project on schedule and on budget.

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Project Details

Building/project name:

High Point University



Building location:

High Point, NC

General contractor:

ABG Caulking & Waterproofing Air Barrier Contractor

Product Details:

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE®
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