Henry<sup>®</sup> helps new urban condo units stay moisture-free and energy-efficient for years to come

Henry® helps new urban condo units stay moisture-free and energy-efficient for years to come

The Situation

Located in Berkeley’s Southwest neighborhood, 739 Channing Way is a new 22,500 square foot condo development featuring 15 high-end, energy-efficient units. The property owner wanted a structure that would remain free from future headaches like leaks and mold. The building also needed weatherization products that would support its energy-efficient design, which included a hydronic radiant heating system.

The Solution

To help future-proof the building from moisture-related problems, Brian Woznak of Woznak Construction chose Henry’s Blueskin® VP100 self-adhesive air barrier, part of a system that he calls “Bulletproof. It’s a top-of-the-line system with components that work extremely well together.” Woznak also says that Blueskin® VP100 will “prevent moisture and air leakage” both of which will help the building maintain energy efficiency.

For the same reasons, Woznak also installed Henry’s WeatherSmart® Rainscreen – a 3D matrix polypropylene that channels water out of the wall assembly and provides a 6mm ventilation gap between the cladding and the VP100. The gap also allows the wall cavity to dry faster.

The Results

Woznak Construction was able to install the system quickly and get it approved by the waterproofing consultant with ease, despite Berkeley’s stringent building codes. Working with a single supplier helped on both counts, as did the on-site instruction that Henry consultants provided. And thanks to Henry’s industry-leading 15-year warranty when the complete system is used, the condo’s owner and its residents are set to enjoy many years of worry-free, energy-efficient performance.