Henry<sup>®</sup> and Tecta America<sup>®</sup> deliver sustainable roof restorations for Learning Care Group<sup>®</sup>

Henry® and Tecta America® deliver sustainable roof restorations for Learning Care Group®

The Situation

Faced with a leaking flat commercial roof on its Tucson, Arizona facility, Learning Care Group needed a roofing solution that would be as undisruptive as possible while also focusing on the safety of the children and staff that occupy the building. As a leading provider of early childhood education, Learning Care Group operates 1,050+ facilities that provide care and instruction for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

The company’s Tucson facility – and its young occupants – would be challenged to endure the weeks of noise, odors, dust, debris, and disruption that come with a traditional roof tear-off and replacement. Fortunately, Learning Care Group already had a proven solution in mind.

Since 2020, the company has been working with national commercial roofing contractors Tecta America on a series of seven roof restoration projects across Southern California, Arizona, and Mississippi. The projects all involved the installation of a Henry Commercial Roof Restoration Solution over the existing flat roof surface – a multiple options-based problem-solving approach that offers customers cost savings in addition to substantial long-term peace of mind.

The Solution

As with all of its potential roof restoration projects, Tecta America had an inspector assess the Tucson facility’s roof to ensure it was a suitable restoration candidate. After the facility passed that initial inspection, Henry conducted an adhesion test that confirmed the restoration project was a go.

Because the roof had ponding water areas, Tecta America recommended a Henry Pro-Grade® 100% Silicone Restoration, a seamless, self-flashing liquid-applied solution impervious to permanent ponding water and damaging UV rays. The building owner also wanted a solution with different warranty options, which the Pro-Grade 100% Silicone Restoration could accommodate. 

The Results

Tecta America completed the installation in a timely fashion without issue. Per their mission to provide their customers with suitable options, Tecta helped the Tucson facility restore their roof with minimal noise disruption. Along with saving Learning Care Group substantial valuable resources by restoring the existing roof system, the Henry Restoration Solution will help cut energy costs and reduce wear and tear on the building’s HVAC system for years to come.

A recent study by building envelope consulting firm Trinity|ERD compared the life cycle costs of a traditional roof replacement to a roof restoration with a Henry Pro-Grade 988 100% Silicone White Restoration Solution and found that over 40 years, the Henry solution would deliver 4X the cost savings. Those projected savings are possible, in part, because with proper maintenance, the restoration solution can be renewed after the first 20 years with a recoat to achieve another 20 years of protection.

As with its previous seven roof restoration projects, Learning Care Group is extremely pleased with Tecta America’s installation process and customer support. Looking ahead, Learning Care Group is working on ways to leverage Henry Roof Restoration Solutions as part of its company-wide approach to commercial flat roof maintenance.

To download a complete copy of the Trinity|ERD study, visit www.henry.com/trinityerd

Project Details

Building/project name:

Tecta America and Learning Care Group



Building location:

Tucson, Arizona

General contractor:

Tecta America

Product Details:

Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone White Roof Coating
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