Roof Refurbishment Mastery at Zero/Six with ProDeq™

Roof Refurbishment Mastery at Zero/Six with ProDeq™

The Situation

Zero/Six Consulting is a leader in delivering innovative solutions for the creation and maintenance of better building envelopes. And they practice what they preach. A recent inspection at their Galveston, Texas-based headquarters showed wear and tear on 2,500 square feet of the building’s second story roof. Once internal experts confirmed the overall integrity of the modified bitumen roof, they recommended repair rather than complete tear-off.

Daniel Hodge, Zero/Six's Associate Principal and Senior Building Envelope Consultant, was introduced to the Henry® ProDeq™ System by Billy Fedorko of Admiral Distribution. Fedorko was a fan of the ProDeq system and had purchased a spray rig specifically for ProDeq installations. He told Hodge about the product and Hodge was intrigued about product claims.

Prodeq is a high performance, instant setting, spray-applied waterproofing membrane that speeds project schedules and reduces labor costs. It has a long track record of success when used on plaza decks, roofs, split slabs, and terraces, as well as water containment and UV exposed systems. The seamless membrane is perfect for complex building designs and requires no welds, laps, termination bars or surface flashings.

When installed as part of a green roof system, the Prodeq is faster than other systems since it requires no protection board or root barrier. As a plaza deck system, it offers a variety of overburden options for greater design and budget flexibility. Other features and benefits include:

  • Quick-cure membrane withstands job site traffic almost immediately, reducing costly repairs.
  • Fast installation time reduces material and labor costs
  • Environmentally friendly, zero VOCs, no odor

Hodge not only wanted to see ProDeq in action, but he also wanted to perform long-term testing on the system.  Since the roof was located at the company’s corporate office, he could use it as a showcase for potential customers. That’s when he enlisted help from Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing and Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies (CWT).

The Solution

Over a two-day period, a Chamberlain crew prepared the roof, power-washing the cap sheet to remove any loose granules. They also power-washed an existing acrylic-based roof coating. Once clean, they made necessary repairs and replacements and also terminated flashings.

CWT provided the ProDeq product and oversaw application, while Admiral applied the primer and sprayed the product.

The Results

The ProDeq application at Zero/Six Consulting's headquarters was notably smooth and efficient, a testament to several key factors. Thorough preparatory work ensured ease of application and strong adherence to the roof surface. This, combined with the use of specialized spray equipment from Admiral Distribution, allowed for a uniform and precise coating. This successful implementation not only resolves Zero/Six's immediate roofing needs but also serves as a model for potential clients, showcasing the effectiveness of the ProDeq System.

Project Details

Building/project name:

Roof Refurbishment Mastery at Zero/Six with ProDeq



Building location:

Galveston, Texas

General contractor:

Admiral Distribution

Product Details:

Henry® Prodeq™ System