Henry<sup>®</sup> provides waterproofing protection to make The Vessel at Hudson Yards a reality

Henry® provides waterproofing protection to make The Vessel at Hudson Yards a reality

The Situation

The Vessel is the centerpiece of Manhattan’s Hudson Yards complex, the largest mixed-use private real-estate project in American history. The structure’s more than 100 pieces of steel were being shipped from Venice, Italy to New York by boat, therefore needing superior waterproofing protection. Compatibility of the waterproofing solution with the steel manufacturer’s holding primer was critical, as each piece had been shot blasted. Additionally, the waterproofing solution would need to provide reliable protection for wiring associated with mechanical and technical equipment used throughout the structure, once assembled on site at Hudson Yards.

The Solution

Based on the success of previous waterproofing projects, GMS Waterproofing Consultants coated the 100-plus pieces of steel with the Henry Prodeq™ Waterproofing System before it left Venice by boat. The waterproofing system consisted of Henry GC Primer, which showed great compatibility with the holding primer. It also consisted of spray-applied, instant setting Henry Prodeq FX400 Membrane and Henry GP Wearcoat. Finally, a sand broadcast created a solid bond with the adhesive used to lay granite tiles.

Once onsite in Hudson Yards, the steel components were erected and joined together by hand. The contractors used the Henry Pumadeq™ Flex 31MV flashing system to waterproof all joints and form a continuous plane of waterproofing and corrosion protection. The Pumadeq Flex 31MV flashing system provided flexibility, as it was compatible with the Prodeq System and could be applied by hand to flash intricate connections.

The Results

The compatibility of the Prodeq System and the Pumadeq Flex 31MV Flashing System – with each other and with other material components of The Vessel – gave GMS Waterproofing Consultants the confidence to make The Vessel a reality. Featuring 154 interconnecting flights of stairs, 2,500 steps and 80 landings, The Vessel’s waterproofing and corrosion membrane is set to provide protection for years to come.

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Project Details

Building/project name:

The Vessel at Hudson Yards



Building location:

New York, New York

Product Details:

Henry® Prodeq™ System
Henry® Pumadeq™ System
downloadHenry® provides waterproofing protection to make The Vessel at Hudson Yards a reality