How to Earn LEED Credits with Henry® Cool Roof Reflective Coatings

Energy Star® Approved Cool Roof Reflective Coatings

As an industry leader, Henry helped direct the formation of the Cool Roof Rating Council1 (CRRC), and has been an ENERGY STAR Partner since the EPA program2 was first introduced for roofing products.

Heat Island Effect - Roof (SS Credit 7.2), 1 point.

1 - The CRRC is an independent, non-biased organization that has developed a method of accurately measuring the solar reflectance and radiative properties of roofing products, and has established a rating system for communicating that data to property owners, architects, energy service providers, building code bodies, and community planners.

2 - ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program that offers businesses and consumers energy efficient solutions – helping to save money while protecting the environment for future generations.  Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo on our products.  It means the product meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.


*The availability of LEED credits may depend on overall building design, quantity of Henry materials used, the nature of other building materials and is subject to periodic revision of LEED credit checklists. Henry makes no representations or warranties that use of a particular Henry product will result in any or a particular LEED credit being awarded.