How to Earn LEED Credits with a Henry® Vegetated Roof Systems

By choosing a Henry Vegetated Roof Systems, you can earn LEED credits for different areas of the system.

Stormwater Design - Quality Control (SS Credit 6.1), 1 point

The Henry Vegetated Roof Systems stores stormwater in growing media (topsoil) and in strategically placed water retention/drainage composites, reducing runoff and promoting evapotranspiration.

Heat Island Effect - Roof (SS Credit 7.2), 1 point

Henry Vegetated Roof Systems serve to absorb light and convert it to energy without giving off extreme heat.  Vegetative roof assemblies also improve air quality by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.


*The availability of LEED credits may depend on overall building design, quantity of Henry materials used, the nature of other building materials and is subject to periodic revision of LEED credit checklists. Henry makes no representations or warranties that use of a particular Henry product will result in any or a particular LEED credit being awarded.