Water Containment

TQ3 understands that each water containment application comes with its own unique set of challenges, whether it be access or location, the size of the project or installation restrictions TQ3 has a system designed to meet those requirements.

System Choices


Waterproofing and corrosion protection systems. Typical applications include water features, reflecting pools, retention vaults, primary and secondary containment. Qontain speeds up the construction program, and requires no protection. Its instant setting, spray membrane allows for seamless protection. Qontain is VOC compliant and has no odor.


Fluid applied, reinforced, waterproofing and deck coating system for roofing, plaza decks, balconies and traffic coatings. Pumadeq uses unique technology that combines the benefits of PMMA rapid cure times and the elasticity of polyurethane. Its advantages include a long, labor and materials warranty, very low application temperatures and full cure, 1-hour after installation. Pumadeq is VOC compliant.


Fluid applied, reinforced, waterproofing system primarily used for indoor installations. Polydeq is odor free. It is based on polyurethane technology and has no VOC’s Typical installations include mechanical rooms, wet rooms and exterior waterproofing applications such as setbacks, terraces and flashings.

Typical Uses

  • Retention Vaults
  • Water Features
  • Reflecting Pools
  • Foundations
  • Secondary
  • Containment
  • Fountains


Completed Projects