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Automotive Coatings from Henry: Gel Seal, Emulsions, AquaCoat

  • #1400 Emulsion Underbody Coating #1400 Emulsion Underbody Coating
    • A medium viscosity asphalt emulsion used on underbodies of buses, trucks, and RV’s
    • Reinforced with selected mineral fillers and formulated with a ductile asphalt, forming a tight firm film needed for transportation equipment
    • A heavy film thickness (125 mils wet) can be achieved on vertical surfaces without sagging
  • #1900 and #3140 AquaCoat Premium #1900 and #3140 AquaCoat Premium
    • Mastic type airless underbody coatings and an asphalt base emulsion for use on transportation equipment such as trucks, buses, RV’s and trailers
    • Reinforced with selected mineral fillers and formulated with ductile asphalt, a heavy film thickness of 200 mils wet can be achieved without sagging
  • #400 Gel Seal Airless Undercoating #400 Gel Seal Airless Undercoating
    • A high solids asphalt cutback wax blend sound deadener
    • Designed for underbody areas of automobiles, trucks, and trailers and any other wood or metal surfaces requiring abrasive corrosion protection
  • #700 Gel Seal Canister Grade #700 Gel Seal Canister Grade
    • Intended for automotive and trailer underbody protection
    • Other uses include undersides of shipping containers and any wood or metal surface requiring sound deadening or abrasion-corrosion or insulation protection
    • Applied through siphon spray systems

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