69% of construction litigation is moisture-related: protect yourself

We understand that there are many housewraps out there with competing—and confusing—claims. A self-adhesive housewrap like patented Blueskin® VP100 can seal out damaging moisture, providing greater protection for the structure you are building…and greater protection for you.

  • Self-seals around nails and fasteners for long-lasting water-tightness
  • More than 95% drainage efficiency
  • Adheres directly to the structure’s exterior, eliminating air gaps

“The Blueskin VP100 became the critical element in our weatherization plan. Because it is self-adhesive, we know it will seal out water and also make the home more energy efficient by preventing air leaks.”

-Chris Isler, CRI and Assoc., General Contractor, CA


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"We needed to meet Connecticut’s blower door test requirements, and we knew the best way to do it would be with a self-adhesive air barrier and a full complement of weatherization components.”

-Jarett Kravits, Advantage Contracting, CT


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