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April 2021

Drainage products protect structures and preserve reputations

It’s inevitable: moisture will eventually find its way behind the wall cladding. And left unchecked, moisture in a wall cavity can lead to a range of costly consequences – from rotting wood to mildew and mold. Fortunately, modern building science has developed products and test methods to ensure that any moisture that gets in also gets out before causing trouble.

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March 2021

Common installation issues that lead to leaks and call-backs

When it comes to call-backs about leaks, contractors are generally most worried about potential product defects. Instead, they should be much more concerned about installation issues, as forensic analysis finds that improper installation practices are the leading cause of leaks.

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February 2021

Smart weatherization works hard during the build and after

Recently on “My Southern Home™,” host Kimberly Greenwell interviewed David McGowan, President of Regent Homes, and Henry’s own Scott Tiller, about why protecting structures with effective weatherization is so essential.

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October 2020

Superior Leak Protection for Sloped Roofs

When it comes to effective water leak prevention, sloped roofs require extra protection that can stand up to temperature extremes, wind and rain. A premium, self-adhered roofing underlayment offers significant advantages over #30 roofing felt—or any other roofing underlayment—and provides a fast, safe, durable solution.

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September 2020

How the right flashing helps prevent damaging window leaks

According to water intrusion expert Gene Summy of TLS Laboratories, about 80% of the time a water leak isn’t actually caused by the window or door, but by the flashing materials or application method used around the window or door.

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August 2020

Renovation can be worth it for you and your clients

Exterior renovations and home remodeling projects have historically helped builders stay profitable in tough economic times. Done properly, with the right materials, exterior renovation upgrades can also help homeowners enjoy years of greater energy efficiency and moisture protection.

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