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July 2021

Window and Door Flashing Best Practices

Windows represent one of the most vulnerable locations in the building envelope and the most common source of leaks. Window and door flashings are designed to eliminate the risk of leaks and mold—which will also reduce your risk of call-backs.

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June 2021

Mixing and matching weatherization materials can cause sticky situations

With the industry’s push to establish more moisture-resistant building envelopes, today’s builder has a wide range of water-resistant barriers, sealants, adhesives, and building tapes from which to choose. Our advice? Choose wisely and read the guidelines, as chemical incompatibility between materials can lead to catastrophic product failures. Here’s a quick look at what to watch out for:

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May 2021

WRB’s: Getting Beyond the Basics

Although exterior cladding (siding, stucco, etc.) will never be 100% impermeable, the role of the WRB is to provide a second layer of protection that keeps the wall assembly dry and free from moisture damage should some water find its way through.

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April 2021

Drainage products protect structures and preserve reputations

It’s inevitable: moisture will eventually find its way behind the wall cladding. And left unchecked, moisture in a wall cavity can lead to a range of costly consequences – from rotting wood to mildew and mold. Fortunately, modern building science has developed products and test methods to ensure that any moisture that gets in also gets out before causing trouble.

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March 2021

Common installation issues that lead to leaks and call-backs

When it comes to call-backs about leaks, contractors are generally most worried about potential product defects. Instead, they should be much more concerned about installation issues, as forensic analysis finds that improper installation practices are the leading cause of leaks.

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February 2021

Smart weatherization works hard during the build and after

Recently on “My Southern Home™,” host Kimberly Greenwell interviewed David McGowan, President of Regent Homes, and Henry’s own Scott Tiller, about why protecting structures with effective weatherization is so essential.

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