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Decks – playing a more popular roll as we start to get used to the “new normal”

As many people look forward to the new normal, many will turn to outdoor entertaining as a means of enjoying friends and family while allowing for social distancing. Undoubtedly, decks will serve as a primary entertaining space across the country. According to the National Association of Home Builders, decks continue to be specified in nearly one-quarter of new homes built. Decks also continue to rank among the most popular DIY construction efforts for existing homes.

When planning and installing a deck, it is most important to consider the construction of the deck to ensure long-term durability. The stresses of winter cold and spring dampness can lead to moisture damage around screw penetrations in beams and joists, corroding the connectors and fasteners. This can lead to rot and mold, and ultimately structural failures.

In recent years, deck codes have focused more intensively on maintaining deck strength and integrity. As a leader in window and door flashings, Henry offers solutions that manage moisture intrusion, including moisture that can damage outdoor decks. Henry FortiFlash Joist Guard offers dependable, ongoing protection for a deck’s vulnerable framing structure. Joist Guard self-seals around screws and nails, blocking moisture from seeping through these penetrations. Its advanced butyl adhesive withstands higher temperatures than ordinary tapes, and its black facer withstands UV exposure while remaining undetectable between deck boards. Joist Guard is available in a 2” width for joists, and 4” for beams.

Watch this video to see how easy FortiFlash Joist Guard is to install and provide long-term durability to your next deck project.