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Exterior Remodeling: Common Questions from Homeowners about Re-siding

When homeowners make the decision to re-side their homes, they’ll likely look to their contractor as a trusted expert to help them realize their project goal: create a beautiful, better-protected, more energy-efficient home. It’s no small undertaking. Expectations are high and getting the project right the first time will be important to your business and reputation. To prepare for customer consultations, keep in mind these common questions you might receive.

1. Do you specialize in siding? How long have you been in business?

As a homeowner’s trusted advisor, they want to make sure you’re qualified to deliver on your commitments of an excellent installation that is on time and on budget. Longevity suggests financial stability and the more jobs you’ve completed shows that you’ll be able to bring invaluable experience to their project. Sharing examples of your work or customer testimonials is a great way to earn trust and demonstrate excellence in your craft. Also, be prepared to share your remodeler’s license and insurance information upon request.

Beyond customer testimonials and project photos, share your process for material selection, installation, and quality control. You can help them select the right cladding, but maximizing their investment also requires that the building envelope system is prioritized. You can share how their climate zone, cladding type, budget, and project goals impact your weatherization recommendation. Working in conjunction with the siding, the right water-resistive barrier (WRB), flashing, and sealant make all the difference to protect against moisture damage, improve air quality, and cut energy costs.

2. What projects have you worked on in my area? Do you have any before and after pictures you can share?

You likely have established a strong reputation and rely on referrals for new business. Be ready with examples of projects that you’ve worked on to share with customers. Before and after images are always a great way to demonstrate expertise. Having a project portfolio section on your website is important – customers will search for this during their research phase before they contact you for the first time. Social media channels, like Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, are also excellent ways to showcase your work.

3. What are my siding options and why is one type of cladding better than the other for my home?

Cladding is the first line of defense from the elements – and it’s one of the first things that people will notice about a home. There are a variety of options available depending on climate, budget, and desired aesthetic. Encourage clients to share inspiration images so you can understand their style and desired look. From there, you can help guide their decision regarding product performance and the benefits and drawbacks of each type of cladding.

After the customer decides on the right siding for their home, you can take the opportunity to communicate the importance of the other building materials you’ll use on the job, such as the weatherization system used behind the cladding that will protect the home from moisture, improve air quality, and potentially reduce energy costs. If energy-efficiency is important to your customer, this is an opportunity to share about air barrier options, like self-adhered membranes that provide a continuous plane of airtightness.

No matter the products used – cladding, water-resistive barrier, flashing, sealant – make sure to clearly communicate the warranties that will be passed on to the homeowner. For example, the Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control™ System offers homeowners 15 years of warranty coverage including the cost of material and labor. It’s also transferable and no original purchase receipt is required to file a claim in the unlikely event of a leak caused by product failure.

4. Can this project help me lower energy bills?

Sustainability and energy-efficiency are growing in importance and are likely deciding factors for many homeowners. An energy-efficient home reduces energy bills and creates a comfortable environment year-round. Homeowners also have an opportunity to earn tax incentives for energy-efficient home improvement projects as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. For more information about energy tax incentives for homeowners, explore the 25C Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit.

When re-siding a home, you should address the weatherization system. In addition to protection against moisture intrusion, a water and air barrier system can eliminate unwanted air leakage which impacts energy usage. A weatherization system is likely not top of mind for the homeowner, but communicating its importance is one way for you to demonstrate expertise and emphasize the importance of quality products and installation.

Henry offers a range of Building Envelope System solutions that can help address energy-efficiency goals. For example, self-adhered water and air barriers, like Blueskin® VP100, can help provide a continuous plane of airtightness and eliminate moisture intrusion to efficiently control air leakage into and out of the building envelope. Tests confirm much lower air changes per hour with Blueskin VP100 than with typical alternate approaches. Lower air changes equate to higher energy efficiency, and energy modeling confirms that energy use for heating and cooling is 23-50% lower with Blueskin VP100.

Henry® Can Help

Your goal is to deliver a comfortable, energy-efficient, and stylish home for every client you work with. When it comes to re-siding a home, there is a lot at stake. But when you choose Henry, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a reliable, high-performance, and compatible weatherization system from a single source. You’ll also be working with a company dedicated to helping you find the best solution that protects your reputation and provides peace of mind for your clients with a 15-year Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control™ System warranty.

Before you begin your next remodeling project, consult with the experts at Henry. Informed by 80+ years of expertise, Henry building envelope experts can help you select the system that best meets your project requirements, from foundation to wall to roof.

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