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Happy Earth Month!

At Henry®, our mission is Building Confidence™―the assurance to our customers and colleagues that Henry solutions can be trusted to meet the highest industry standards, throughout the residential and light commercial building envelope. That mission includes a focus on energy efficiency, livability and sustainability, to benefit owners, occupants, and the environment we all share.

In fact, every month is Earth Month at Henry, as we offer building envelope systems that support sustainable, green and energy-saving building practices. Take Henry® Blueskin® VP100, for example, a next-generation vapor permeable air barrier that eliminates air leakage while serving as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier.

For the homeowner or owner of a light-commercial structure, a product like Blueskin® VP100 provides a number of environmental and sustainability benefits. For example, by blocking air leaks and allowing HVAC systems to be more efficient, it helps homeowners and light-commercial building owners decrease use of fossil fuels and reduce energy costs. It also improves air quality by helping reduce the spread of mold. And with greater moisture and water protection than traditional water-resistant barriers, it can help extend a structure’s lifespan.

Emphasizing green-friendly ingredients

But the “green” integrity of an air barrier goes deeper than its sustainable performance―as deeply as the ingredients it includes. Blueskin® VP100 contains no chemical ingredients that pollute the environment, bio-accumulate up the food chain to toxic levels, or harm factory workers.

This is verified by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), which awarded Blueskin® VP100 and several other Henry building envelope systems its highest-level Declare label―LBC Red List Free― the topmost status achievable by a manufacturer. ILFI is dedicated to developing ecologically minded programs that help people live harmoniously with their natural surroundings by encouraging stringent building standards and less reliance on fossil fuels.

The Declare program provides a transparent platform for identifying where a product comes from, what it is made of, and where it goes at the end of its useful life. Because Declare status is approved as a compliance pathway for LEED v4, Blueskin® VP100 meets the needs of green builders, and is permitted for use in projects pursuing the ILFI’s Living Building Challenge standard, one of the most advanced green building standards in the world.

Through Declare, Henry demonstrates product-ingredient transparency and accountability, as well as a commitment to producing healthier products for homeowners and owners of small buildings.

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