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How rainscreens ‘mind the gap’ to protect walls.

It’s inevitable: moisture will eventually find its way behind the wall cladding. And left unchecked, moisture in a wall cavity can lead to a range of costly consequences – from rotting wood to mildew and mold. Fortunately, modern building science has developed an effective preventive solution: the rainscreen.


What is a rainscreen?

A rainscreen is an exterior wall detail in which the weather-facing (cladding) surface is fixed at least 1/8th of an inch away from the weather-resistive barrier surface on the wall. That gap creates a capillary break, or drainage plane, that allows moisture to drain and evaporate before it can cause problems. The gap is key – any cladding or veneer attached to a wall without one is NOT a rainscreen.


Henry® WeatherSmart® Rainscreen

Our contribution to rainscreen technology is Henry WeatherSmart Rainscreen. Ideal for stucco and compatible with all cladding types, WeatherSmart Rainscreen features a 3D matrix that creates a 6mm ventilation and drainage gap between the weather-resistive barrier and exterior cladding. The matrix consists of polypropylene strands that channel water down and out of the wall assembly, and it’s backed with a built-in fabric to protect the wall gap from debris and promote unobstructed airflow.


Why WeatherSmart® Rainscreen?

Henry WeatherSmart Rainscreen will help protect buildings from the risks of mold, rot and mildew (and help protect contractors from call-backs). It will also help designers and installers prepare for quickly evolving codes that may soon require a rainscreen gap. With WeatherSmart Rainscreen, you’ll have one that’s part of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™ and backed by the best warranty in the business.


More about Henry® WeatherSmart® Rainscreen here.

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