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Making a sill pan has never been easier, or more affordable

For today’s WRB-wrapped residential and commercial structures, guarding rough window openings against water and air leakage is essential. Preformed sill pans and rigid pieces offer an effective way to get the job done, but they can be a bit expensive.

To cut costs, many builders will spend time fashioning their own sill pans with origami-like cuts of flashing tape combined with sealant and bevel siding. But despite their best efforts, makeshift sill pans can often fail, with costly water remediation costs to follow. Fortunately, builders have an inexpensive, easy-to-install option. 

The Moistop® Corner Shield  

Fast and easy to install

Both flexible and rigid product versions are manufactured from heavy-duty engineered polymers that are 100% compatible with a range of self-adhesive flashings sealants and membranes. Moistop Flexible Corner Shield is made of polyolefin that conforms to the window frame to correct for irregularities. Moistop Rigid Corner Shield is designed to fit snugly without gaps.

Best yet, neither version needs large mechanical fasteners – for a sill pan, all you need is a hammer tacker and a j-roller with some flashing and sealant.

Check out these two short videos to see how quick and easy it is:


How to Make a Sill Pan with Moistop® Rigid Corner Shields Video


How to Make a Sill Pan with Moistop® Flexible Corner Shields Video


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