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Moisture Management Strategies: The Four Ds

The most important role of the building enclosure is to manage the migration of moisture. We believe when you have the right guidance, you’ll only ever have to do a job once. There are many problems associated with moisture including mold and rot, corrosion and degradation, and leakage and staining. Unfortunately, these problems can be detrimental, as they can affect the durability, appearance, and functioning of the building as well as the health of the building’s occupants.

The primary objective is prevention of problems and these strategies, commonly known as the Four Ds, can help you manage moisture and succeed in your building.

Failure to properly manage moisture can have catastrophic consequences, not only for building occupants and owners but for those involved in the design and construction of the building. The choice of material, arrangement, and proper installation method and detailing is paramount. As it is practically impossible to eliminate moisture sources or the paths and movement forces that act on moisture, installation is critical. Some of the consequences of moisture intrusion include:

    • Rot and structural failure
    • Mold and “sick” buildings
    • Lawsuits and ruined reputations
    • Call-backs and wasted time to fix problems

However, these potential consequences are no reason to fret. As long as you implement the basics of moisture management found in this eBook and choose high-performing reliable products, you’ll be well on your way to avoiding problems and protecting your reputation.

Why Henry?

Henry solutions will help protect buildings from the risks of mold, rot, and mildew (and help protect from costly call-backs). They also help designers and installers meet a range of code requirements. When these products are used as part of the complete Henry 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™, they are covered by a 15-year material PLUS labor warranty for product defects.

Contact a Henry weatherization expert for advice and support on your next job.