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New! FortiFlex® Butyl

When the going gets tricky, the tough want flexibility. It’s no different when you’re installing windows.

Windows are one of the primary points of moisture penetration in failed building envelopes. Corners, points of integration with a weather barrier and the horizontal sill surface itself all can serve as an invitation for water to come on in. Curved windows and irregular penetrations are also often weak spots in the envelope.

We’re pleased to give you another way to keep these problem areas dry and protected. Introducing new FortiFlex Butyl. It hugs curves with a tenacious adhesive, and can be exposed to UV for up to 365 days. That’s a full year of exposure. And if that’s not enough reason to bring some onto your jobsite, the fact that it can be installed in cold weather (down to 10°F) should convince you.

Roll size is a convenient 50’, so unlike some of those pricey (and hefty!) 75’ rolls, you won’t have to hire an armored truck to bring it to the jobsite.

  • Aggressive adhesion
  • Extremely flexible
  • Split release liner = easy installation
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Extreme adhesion at cold temps