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Superior Leak Protection for Sloped Roofs

When it comes to effective water leak prevention, sloped roofs require extra protection that can stand up to temperature extremes, wind and rain. A premium, self-adhered roofing underlayment offers significant advantages over #30 roofing felt—or any other roofing underlayment—and provides a fast, safe, durable solution.

Sloped roofs naturally shed water across shingles and other claddings, so the need for secondary protection is imperative for long-term protection. But water doesn’t only flow from one direction. Sometimes it’s coming from wind-driven rain or a backup created by an ice dam at the gutter. A self-adhered underlayment provides essential protection to the roof while also acting as a vapor barrier to prevent moisture condensation damage inside the building. Plus, self-adhered roofing underlayment can be installed year-round in most conditions.

Henry offers premium performance without the premium price.

Henry offers superior quality, self-adhered roofing underlayments that meet or exceed industry standards and residential/commercial codes and are designed for a range of applications. Self-gasketing around all fasteners ensures long-life. All products are non-skid for safer installation and manufactured with exceptional quality standards providing unsurpassed consistency roll after roll.

Fast and easy.

Lightweight rolls are packaged for reduced waste on the job site and provide 1.95 square coverage. A split-back polymer release liner peels away easily. Easier to handle means quicker to install, saving time and labor.


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