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Take stock in the profitability of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™ from Henry®

As a stocking Henry Dealer, there are several ways to boost your profit:

  • Free up cash – Reduce the SKUs you carry while offering a comprehensive, single source for solutions to your customers. One SKU of flashing can tie up $1,500 or more in inventory and space cost (even more with heavy back stock). Audit your offering to avoid duplication and slow movers.
  • Increase turns – Fewer SKUs and one comprehensive system offering will give you higher turns and a greater return on your inventory investment.
  • Upsell with the Henry system: A complete, 15-year materials plus labor warranted system will earn incremental sales that include weather-resistive barriers, flashings, sealants and accessories.
  • Merchandising support – Benefit from sales tools that work like an extra sales person when your staff is busy.

Start realizing a profitable inventory with Henry.

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