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The Role of Rainscreens

It’s inevitable: moisture will eventually find its way behind the wall cladding. And left unchecked, moisture in a wall cavity can lead to a range of costly consequences – from rotting wood to mildew and mold. A rainscreen system is often used to shield a building from bulk water intrusion and help the wall dry out.

What is a rainscreen?

A rainscreen is an exterior wall system that creates a gap between the cladding and the water-resistive barrier (WRB). The gap between the cladding and WRB creates a capillary break, or drainage plane, which is key to mitigating the damage that can occur if pressure-driven water becomes trapped behind the cladding. The gap allows for drainage and ventilation, so moisture is managed effectively before it can cause problems.

There are two types of components that can be used to create the gap between the cladding and the WRB: furring and three-dimensional mesh or mat products. Furring is attached to the main structure of the building. A mat product is typically manufactured in rolls and installed horizontally over the WRB. It is faster to install and lays flat against the WRB.

Henry® WeatherSmart® Rainscreen

Ideal for stucco and compatible with all cladding types, WeatherSmart Rainscreen features a 3D matrix that creates a 6mm ventilation and drainage gap between the weather-resistive barrier and exterior cladding. The matrix consists of polypropylene strands that channel water down and out of the wall assembly, and it’s backed with a built-in fabric to protect the wall gap from debris and promote unobstructed airflow.

Why WeatherSmart® Rainscreen?

Henry WeatherSmart Rainscreen will help protect buildings from the risks of mold, rot and mildew (and help protect contractors from call-backs).

WeatherSmart Rainscreen is part of the Henry 1-2-3 Moisture Control System that's backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty covering materials PLUS labor. Its compatible components make it easy to select and install the right solution – simply choose the barrier, flashing and sealant that works best for your project. No matter the climate, cladding, construction type or code, Henry has a weatherization system to help you build with confidence.

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