Rolled Furring Strips

Help keep walls straight and aligned

Rolled Furring Strips

Everybody knows that a quality drywall job depends on studs that are straight, plumb and aligned. But the real world of construction is out of plumb — full of bowed studs, off-vertical walls and more alignment problems than a battered used car. And everybody knows how easy it is to correct the problem – you use a string or straightedge to identify the low areas and then shim them into alignment. But unless the right furring strip is within arm’s reach, most crews don’t bother — leaving behind a wall with enough waves to make you seasick.

Fortifiber’s economy Rolled Furring Strips will fine-tune the job in nothing flat, resulting in walls that satisfy even the most demanding clients.


  • Pre-cut to common stud widths
  • Easy handling
  • Quick application
  • Conventiently packaged in bundles & rools

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