Hybrid protection with drainage and labor savings


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Two-Ply HydroTex™ combines the proven performance of our Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute® asphalt-saturated kraft paper with a drainable polymeric housewrap layer – packaged in a single labor-saving roll. HydroTex™ performs better than the country’s strictest building codes, including Oregon R703.1 Residential Specialty Code.

Part of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 moisture control system, HydroTex is designed to withstand the rigors of the jobsite and the elements, and is backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty.


  • Extraordinary drainage performace
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Meets building science recommendations for breathability
  • Labor saving for Two-Ply code requirements
  • No need to "Mix and Match", one source, one warranty


  • 40" x 48.6'

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  • Data Sheets

    HydroTex Data Sheet Click to download  

    Asphalt Saturated Kraft Data Sheet Package Click to download  

    Housewrap Data Sheet Package Click to download  

    Architectural Specification Sheet Click to download  

    HydroTex Safety Data Sheet Click to download  

    ForeSight Green Building Information Click to download  

    ESR 1027 Click to download  

  • Warranties

    15 Year Warranty Click to download

    Standard Warranty Click to download

  • Install Guides

    HydroTex CAD cad

    Installation Guide pdf

    Weather-Resistive Barrier Installation Guide Package pdf

    HydroTex Specification Guide pdf