Two-Ply Jumbo Tex®

Protection with a labor-saving 2 ply roll

Two-Ply Jumbo Tex®

Two-Ply Jumbo Tex® is a member of the Jumbo Tex® family – a product line that has set the industry standard for effectiveness and durability as a weather-resistive barrier behind all major exterior wall claddings, especially stucco. It has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over millions of homes and commercial buildings from the problems caused by water intrusion and excessive moisture.

Two-Ply Jumbo Tex® is engineered for production and custom residential construction applications that require a tough water and moisture barrier that offers outstanding protection. It delivers over ten times the water resistance of regular Grade “D” building paper, while having the durability to endure rugged jobsite conditions.

Part of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 moisture control system, Two-Ply Jumbo Tex® is designed to withstand the rigors of the jobsite and the elements, and is backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty.


  • Solid Protection against moisture problems
  • Exceptional water resistance
  • Solid price-performance
  • Ideal balance between water resistance and permeability
  • For stucco, fiber cement siding, brick, vinyl and wood siding
  • Labor savings for Two-Ply code requirements


  • 40" x 162 sq. ft.
  • 40" x 250 sq. ft.

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  • Data Sheets

    Two-Ply Jumbo Tex® Data Sheet Click to download  

    Asphalt Saturated Kraft Data Sheet Package Click to download  

    Architectural Specification Sheet Click to download  

    Two-Ply Jumbo Tex® Safety Data Sheet Click to download  

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  • Warranties

    15 Year Warranty Click to download

    Standard Warranty Click to download

  • Install Guides

    Jumbo Tex® CAD cad

    MAWRB-6A Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A pdf cad

    MAWRB-6A1 Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A1 pdf cad

    MAWRB-6B Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B pdf cad

    Installation Guide pdf

    Two Layer Stucco Installation Guide pdf

    Weather-Resistive Barrier Installation Guide Package pdf