Don't Rip and Replace.
Restore Your Roof and Save.

A Henry 100% Silicone Roof Coating System will save you money, energy and your roof.

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75% lower life cycle costs vs. roof replacement

Lowers roof surface temperatures by up to 50°F

Reduces peak cooling demand by up 15%

Qualifies for cool roof coating rebates and can reduce your tax burden

How it works
Rip and Replace, or Restore and Save? Watch this video for valuable tips about restoring your commercial roof.

Customer Stories

Michael Steffens, Coral Gables, FL building owner, was able to end recurring leaks with a long-term solution – one that saved him thousands of dollars up front and that would continue to cut his building’s energy costs for the next 15-years.

Friendship Village, a retirement community in Tempe, AZ, chose to restore rather than replace their roof. They saved approximately $150,000 in project costs and were also spared the noise and disruption of a TPO membrane installation. Even better, the roof restoration is expected to save the facility $10,800 annually through lowering energy costs.

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