Become an Approved Green Roof Contractor

Becoming a Henry Approved Green Roof Contractor mean you not only have access to our hot-applied and cold-applied waterproofing systems, but also have the added benefit of being able to purchase green roof system plants, growth media blends and related components (i.e., edge restraints, etc.) directly from one of our approved green roof Suppliers, within Henry Company LLC guidelines. This full system approach allows you to also offer a single-source, full system warranty on qualifying projects.

What are some of the qualifications to become a member of the select group of Henry Approved Green Roof Contactors?

Being part of our Henry Approved Green Roof Contractor Program means Henry branded products and some non-Henry branded system components are purchased through Henry or our approved distributors. These green roof system components include:

  • waterproofing membranes and accessories
  • pavers
  • root barrier
  • ridged insulation

Additionally, you get to work directly with our approved Suppliers of green roof system plants, growth media and other related system components. Your compliance with Henry approved green roof Supplier, specification, technical detail, and growth media guidelines mean you can ultimately offer a full system, single-sour warranty.

Learn more about becoming a Henry Green Roof Contractor from your local Henry rep