Edge Metal and Drain Inspection Chambers

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Edge Metal and Drain Inspection Chambers

Edge Metal and Drain Inspection Chambers

To complete the aesthetic, Henry VRA™ Metal Edging and Inspection Drain Chambers provide durable, long-lasting performance. Edging is used to separate plants from other areas such as pavers or walkways. Inside and outside corners and joiners are available, as well as custom pieces (i.e., to adjust for angles/grades). Standard, industrial stamped aluminum provides a worry-free service life. For coastal and high-performance applications, stainless steel options are available. Inspection chamber/drain chambers allow access to underlying drains as well as help keep plants and debris from clogging drains. Likewise, stamped aluminum is standard and other materials are available. Materials will hold up to routine maintenance without suffering damage. Accessories include corner pieces and joiners/clips to connect sections.


  • Rust/oxide-free design and construction
  • Standard landscaping edgings are 1/16” gauge stamped, mill finish aluminum at widths of 4.5” and 6” with lengths of 4’. Other widths, lengths and sizes are available.
  • Standard drain inspection chambers are 12” square. Other sizes, finishes and shapes are available.


  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Edge Metal and Drain Inspection Chambers Data Sheet Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    VR-01 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Concrete Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-03 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Steel Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-09 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Wall Flashing Detail pdf cad

    VR-10 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Roof Drain Detail pdf cad

    VR-12 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Continuous Pipe Penetration Detail pdf cad

    VR-13 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Plumbing Vent Detail pdf cad

    VR-16 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Door Threshold Flashing Detail pdf cad