Moisture Retention Fabric

Short Product Description

Moisture Retention Fabric

Moisture Retention Fabric

Henry Moisture Retention Fabric is a secondary water retention fabric for dry environments, shallow soils and non-irrigated vegetated roofs. Product comes as a 15’ wide roll at 300’ in length. Made from 100% recycled non-woven polyester.


  • High moisture retention capacity of 0.12 gallons/ft2 with a flow rate of 75 gpm/ft2
  • High trapezoidal tear strength (115 lbs), puncture strength (175 lbs) and elongation (50%) for easy installation and long life
  • 100% recycled content contributes to LEED certification
  • Single-source warranty available for all components in the assembly


  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Moisture Retention Fabric Data Sheet Click to download  

    Moisture Retention Fabric SDS Sheet Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    VR-01 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Concrete Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-03 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Steel Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-09 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Wall Flashing Detail pdf cad

    VR-10 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Roof Drain Detail pdf cad

    VR-12 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Continuous Pipe Penetration Detail pdf cad

    VR-13 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Plumbing Vent Detail pdf cad

    VR-16 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Door Threshold Flashing Detail pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    MRF12 Moisture Retention Mat LEED Declaration Click to download