Root Bloc

Short Product Description

Root Bloc

Root Bloc

Root Bloc 20 secondary root barrier is an optional addition to prevent again root penetration.  Typically used in an intensive vegetative roofing assembly, Root Bloc 20 is a flexible, polymeric alloy geomembrane liner.


  • Does not contain herbicides or pesticides
  • Flexible membrane
  • Non toxic
  • Non-biodegradable


  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Root Bloc 20 Data Sheet Click to download  

    Root Bloc 20 SDS Sheet Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    VR-01 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Concrete Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-03 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Steel Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-09 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Wall Flashing Detail pdf cad

    VR-10 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Roof Drain Detail pdf cad

    VR-12 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Continuous Pipe Penetration Detail pdf cad

    VR-13 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Plumbing Vent Detail pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    RootBloc 20 LEED Declaration Click to download