Vegetation/Growing Media

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Vegetation/Growing Media

Vegetation/Growing Media

For every Vegetative roof, Henry has the plant life you need. Henry VRA™ Plants are grown in controlled environments by the best horticulturists in the business. Mixed with construction knowledge and real-world, vegetative roofing savvy, Henry has the live plants for everything from the most basic extensive roof to your intensive Garden of Eden.


  • Grown in controlled environments
  • Plugs are standard in 72-cell tray. Custom sizes are available
  • Delivered in construction-friendly packaging
  • Single source warranty available for all components in the assembly

Henry VRA™ Growing Media is light-weight, designed and specifically blended for regional vegetative roofing applications. Unlike highly-variable natural soils, growing media is optimized for roof growing conditions and required on all vegetated roof assemblies.


  • Meets FLL standards
  • Specifically developed and tested for use with Henry VRA components
  • Percentages of organics and minerals are based on the type of vegetation and drainage requirements
  • Single-source warranty available for assembly components.


  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Henry VRA Vegetation/Plants Data Sheet Click to download  

    Henry VRA Growing Media Data Sheet Click to download  

    Henry VRA Vegetation/Plants SDS Sheet Click to download  

    Henry VRA Growing Media SDS Sheet Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    VR-01 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Concrete Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-03 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Steel Deck Detail pdf cad

    VR-09 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Wall Flashing Detail pdf cad

    VR-10 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Roof Drain Detail pdf cad

    VR-12 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Continuous Pipe Penetration Detail pdf cad

    VR-13 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Plumbing Vent Detail pdf cad

    VR-16 – Vegetative Roof Assembly – Door Threshold Flashing Detail pdf cad