Why Choose a Vegetative Roof Assembly (VRA) for Your Roof?

A Henry Vegetative Roof Assembly creates a more usable amenity space in the form of rooftop terraces, walkways, plazas and gardens.  Gaining widespread acceptance, vegetative roofs offer the following practical, financial and environmental benefits:

  • Financial incentives available from local, state and federal government agencies
  • Extended life of roofing components; eliminate UV exposure and minimize thermal cycling
  • Improved energy efficiency to reduce a buildings' heating/cooling costs

Research has shown that the installation of a vegetative roof can result in a number of important environmental benefits. These are so significant that in many areas, sustainable roofing designs are being mandated in order to:

  • Reduce storm water runoff and sewer bills – Plants absorb water, reducing load on sewage treatment plants, helping to keep contaminants out of lakes and streams.
  • Reduce urban heat island effect – When compared to a black-surfaced roof on a sunny summer day, a vegetative roof can be 60 °F or more cooler.
  • Improve air quality – Rooftop vegetation converts carbon dioxide to oxygen.

>>Visit the EPA website to learn more about vegetative roof systems.